Friday, July 18, 2008

jon - what would we do without you???

now that the invites are out i want to unveil them on the blog.

i LOVE them. i hate kinkos and USPS but i LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Jon designed them for us and did an amazing job - its just what we (i) wanted.


they read...

Together with their families Nicole Patrice Miller & Grant Hannigan Simmons invite you to share in a celebration of love, laughter, and friendship as they are joined in marriage.

Then there are instructions to RSVP online...i heart
and you must do it, even if i know you are/aren't coming, because i like to get the little email telling me someone RSVPed and leave a comment, k?

this is what they look like folded up...


Michele said...

They look GREAT!!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

so beautiful! congrats!

nicole said...

thank you!

Sam & Rachel said...

Those do look amazing! But I had no doubt they would be great, considering all the other beautiful invites Jon has done.