Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ptown with kendra and YUCK!

kendra and i spent the end of last week in portland for work. we ended up driving a ridiculous amount, but overall had lots of fun. we even had some down time we spent at Bridgeport Village and on 23rd (& Burnside).

our fabulous hat model!

we went out Friday night with some of my friends all the way back to elementary school! i had lots of fun, but we didn't end up getting as crazy as we wanted to!

on a completely unrelated note... look at this!

YUCK do you want to know what it is? a slightly freezer burned (i know, but we are poor, k?) piece of chicken that i was defrosting to make kabobs. do you see that thing in it? oh don't worry its just a SCREW!! What?? how the heck?? So gross! it was embedded in the chicken. maybe we really do need to stop buying meat at winco???? im gagging a little.

oh. also. if that wasnt' gross enough - i learned yesterday in my micro class that the FDA thinks its ok for there to be pus in the US milk supply. i seriously pucked in my mouth a little. so gross! i immediately bought growth hormone free milk because that tends to have less. organic is the best, but who can afford over $6 a gallon??

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