Friday, July 11, 2008

Spot Shot

Brett reminded me that I should tell y'all about this stuff. Its freakin' amazing! I picked it up when we moved in to our apt because we had brand new cream carpet. I just grabbed it off the shelf at Dollar Tree cuz it was the only carpet cleaner and it was a DOLLAR of course!

I'm pretty sure it was about three days later we had a full glass of red wine spilled. We went for it with spot shot and it was instantly gone - no scrubbing, waiting, multiple attempts - just one shot and it was gone. Who knows what horrible chemicals are in it making it work, but whatever I want my deposit back!

We've since cleaned up grease, several more glasses of wine, bleach (yea i spilled a bottle of full concentration bleach on the carpet upstairs and it didnt do anything!)... its the should get it.

I can't find it at dollar tree so it may have graduated to costing more than $1.


Patty said...
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Patty said...

Alex and I are in love with this too!!! There is a blackberry tree that's exploding in front AND behind our apartment complex right now and the pavement is purple with dropped berries. It's almost impossible to avoid tracking it into our apartment. I have used Spot Shot so many times to get out the berry spots we tracked in and it's amazing!

B-Wong said...

i'm glad i could be the inspiration, or at least the impetus, for one of your blogs. now i hope they still have it at the mahattan dollar tree...i'm guessing they will over here in podunk usa.