Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekend


my weekend at the beach was amazing. i seriously couldn't have dreamed a more perfect way to spend my last night out as a single girl. we took lincoln city by storm. the 'coastal boys' (and girls) were very excited by our presence.

We drank, danced on a bar, drank the worst irish car-bomb ever, got paid to dance with boys, talked to the townies, drank, danced, sang (aka screamed into the mic), LAUGHED soo much, danced some more. these girls are the kind i will forever be able to be myself around - that is one of the absolute most important things in life. THANK YOU ALL! (the rest of the story in pictures...)

this picture is for eric. aren't those little feet funny? my mom found foot shaped rocks and painted them like a foot with a flip flop.... random and funny...


Grant had an equally awesome time with his boys in Portland. They stayed at the always great Embassy Suites - remember the FREE HAPPY HOUR?? roamed around portland - a few strip clubs thrown in and some pool = one awesome night! Here are some pictures...

grant recovering on the couch

if you are so inclined you can view the rest of the photos here


Lindsey said...

SO glad you had a good time...looks like Grant did too! Love you!

SnyderAZ said...

Thanks for the dedicated picture, that is awesome! It looks like you both had a fun time! Take care and good luck. Eric