Thursday, August 28, 2008

Campus Tour

i took a stroll around my beloved UO campus tuesday to take some pictures for a wedding related thing that i'll be able to show you someday (soon). it made me once again realize how blessed we have been to spend this long in Eugene. lately all i can think of is getting out of here, but if i take a minute and look around i know we are very lucky to have spent this long in such a beautiful and unique place.

do you guys know about eugene? you need to come here if you haven't been - or at least oregon in general. i've never lived anywhere else - but here is pretty awesome. its just so green and has such diversity. eugene in particular is like no other place in the world. i can say this honestly and without hesitation - you'd understand if you've been here, believe me. ok so i sort of digressed... back to UO...

I HEART this campus - seriously is there anywhere more amazing and perfect? i am really unsure why it never occured to me to get married here - in front of knight library - that would ahve been awesome. but if we would have had to have university catering make food then that would suck. again i digress... here is the beauty... just buildings not really the lush stuff...

willamette hall
*excuse the pictures - i didn't even attempt to picnik them*

Erb Memorial Union (EMU) Ampitheater

lillis business complex

roma - not on campus per se but holds a special place in our hearts

PLC - probably the ugliest building, but i kind of like this picture - soo many long hours of lecture in 180
knight library
this picture does not do this most amazing building justice... see...


esslinger hall - many an hour has been spent here - lots of good (and stressful) times

the rec

the infamous hayward field - i'm a little in love with this picture

autzen stadium - will be in use saturday against the huskies!

**i'm too lazy to link to things... use google like everyone else =) ***


Lacy & Simon said...

I miss Eugene! I love the pictures of campus!!! It is a beautiful place and I feel the same way about it that you do.

Philigry said...

oh, such a nice place. i have never been there, but the pictures are so beautiful.
I love where i went to college, too. it is such a special place to me.
thanks for sharing!