Sunday, August 3, 2008

i'm so spoiled

and i'm not just saying that... i really and truly am. i was having just about the worst weekend a girl could have, but it was made miraculously better by the most amazing bridal shower. i have amazing friends (and a pretty great mom and fiance too).

my mom found all of my old barbies - i was always making them get married so she dressed them up in their bridal gear. it was too funny - she made a stand for them and everything. the potted plants in the cute pots were all around the rooms and everyone got to take one home! too cute!

here we are watching a slideshow that janelle put together of my life - so funny to see all the pictures. (here is a little bit of the slideshow - i had to use a free trial to convert it so i could only do 5 minutes)

janelle made these cute little paper poppys so everyone could write me messages and put them in a vase we registered for!

lindsey was very sneaky - she met up with grant last weekend and asked him some questions on video. he won over the room with his humor and storytelling. it was a great way for those that don't know grant to get a feel for how awesome he is. so freakin' funny! (below is a little of the video)

one of the centerpieces (and barbie brides) with some of the aftermath

me and my momma - bought this dress the morning of - i just couldn't get over the bad feeling i had about the dress i had brought up to wear! (my hair is SO long - looks like a sheet!)

kisses from the hostesses

and a cute baby because you know i can't resist!

i was not only spoiled with getting to see so many people from different times in my life and all of the food/decorations - we were also totally overwhelmed by the gifts. thank you all! don't know if i would have survived the weekend without saturday.


jenni said...

that looked so fun! I love the picture of your mom and you, very nice picture. The first picture of you sitting watching the slideshow, I thought to myself Nicole looks amazing. Then I read your saga, you still look amazing.

nicole said...

you are so sweet! thanks!