Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nie Nie

i read a lot of blogs. i love them and the sense of belonging, understanding, inspiration, and hope i gain from reading them. unfortunately i had never stumbled along stephanie nielson's blog until kelly mccaleb posted about the accident she and her husband were involved in.

i started reading through her archives and fell in love with this creative, dedicated, and happy family. nie and mr. nielson are SO in love and they have the most beautiful and eclectic little family. they survived the plane crash, but stephanie sustained burns on 80% of her body and chrisitian 30% and the other person who was with them didn't make it. they have months of recovery ahead of them.

i've been so overwhelmed by what to do to help. i've never met these people, but i feel so much for them. they live in mesa, arizona. her family lives in utah and have taken their four children there to be cared for while they recover.

there is a lot going on in the blogosphere to help this little family and i thought i might make a small difference if i let you know about all the ways you might be able to help.

1. Tomorrow has been deemed Nie Nie day by Design Mom - go buy something!!!

2. One More Moore is hosting a Nie Nie Benefit - i don't know what yet, but i am going to donate some handmade and vintage things to be sold.

3. You can donate by clicking on the Donate to Nie Nie button on my sidebar ---->

4. You can also donate by going to any Wells Fargo and donating to the Stephanie Neilson Fund or going to any Bank of America and donating to the Stephanie & Christian Nielson Recovery Fund

5. All ways to help are listed here

Updates and very poingnant insight into handling something of this magnitude can be found on stephanie's sister's blog. i cry every time i read it.

UPDATE on us:

we got a call from Seattle today - funding fell through for the position that they were offering Grant. bummer. he was very excited about the possibility of working up there. i think we are going to stick with focusing on detroit & missouri. midwest - here we come! now if only i could get back the $69 i paid for UW nursing school to do a background test on me.


Lindsey said...

i've been reading up on them sad.

Sorry about Seattle, and about the $69, sucks!

Kristin said...

Also sorry to hear about Seattle, but we'll call the $69 proof of the existence of your optimism, which we know is far more valuable