Saturday, September 13, 2008

1 week (also known as 7 FREAKIN' DAYS!)

thank the good lord it is finally (almost) here.
im ready to be a married woman and have this wedding behind me.
i'm ready to focus on getting grant through this PhD program so we can move on with our lives.
i'm ready to start christmas crafting.
i'm ready to know where the heck we are going to move.
i'm just READY! and also extremely excited! 

this week has been a whirlwind. i kind of feel like i've run more errands (and subsequently spent more money) than i have ever in my life! but its all done. EVERYTHING that needed to get done before leaving Eugene is done. Well I still have to rework my vows still - but that can be done in Bend. My goal was to have this week be the crazy week so that life can calm a little once I am in Bend and enjoy the week leading up to the wedding.

One of the biggest things of the week was to get the programs finished. I picked them up from kinkos thursday night and got all 132 arranged, binding sewn, and lavendar packets glued in by 2:30am. felt soo good to get them all done and off my chest. our paper stuff is so awesome! i can't wait till i get to show you all of the other stuff jon has made for us!
a little randomness:

 grant caught me in my morning routine - on the couch with my comp and slanket - makes me happy. 
this one is for eric. our spare room/office/craft room has become dissertation central - its VERY overwhelming.

beyond wedding and dissertation craziness - on wednesday my life flashed before my eyes when we took grant to get punctal plugs put in his eyes. here is the story as written in an email to jess...

OK so for the story. wednesday grant had a eye doc appt to get these things called punctal plugs - they put tiny plugs in your tear ducts so they dont drain as well and then keep your eyes more moisturized (he has incredibly dry eyes). i insisted on going with him even though you are fine to drive/ride afterward and it is only a 10 minute procedure - i just didnt want something to happen without being there to take care of him. so we went and all was fine. she put these numbing drops in his eyes and he was saying how he had no reflex to blink. long story short she first tried one that was too big. we waited she got another pack out. got the first one in. he was looking a little weird, but still talking. as she was putting the second one in he looked very odd. he was kind of shaking, and just didnt look right. the lady stepped back (by the way this woman is right out of school like our age-ish) and grant stared straight ahead. he looked really really off. i started talking to him. no response. his eyes were open and he looked like they were focusing. i think what really scared me was the fact that his arms were in a kind of frozen position too - like he had seized up. i was sure he had had a stroke. plus eyes open = scary (but was probably a result of the numbing drops- he had no reflex to close his eyes so he didnt)

the lady kind of said a few things, but didnt seem that concerned. i stood up and started shaking him and trying to get some response out of him. at this point i started to get really scared - which i shouted at the woman and started sobbing while shaking grant and telling him he had to wake up. i swear to god i thought he was dead. i kept talking to him and shouting at the doctor. she finally started calling 911. the sad thing is i was so out of it and beside myself i didnt even check his pulse or breathing. i wouldnt be surprised if he stopped breathing at least - i dont even want to think about his pulse. as she was on the phone with 911 i started to get him aroused. he was clammy, white, and kept asking me why i was so upset (lol - probably some sight to see - your fiance sobbing and screaming in your face when you 'wake up'). after a few minutes he was quite lucid and he wanted to lay down so we moved him to the floor and i put his legs up. the paramedics arrived and checked him out. he pulse was low but BP was fine. they stood him up and both improved even more, as would be expected. so yea. i thought i was a week from my wedding with a dead fiance. i seriously saw this whole life we are planning together be taken in an instant. such a bizarre feeling. we think the passing out or whatever it was was something to do with the numbing drops. He has almost passed out from eye dilating drops before. he said he remembers dreaming that he was in a great place listening to music - isn't that weird?

the only good thing to come out of that experience was the even greater appreciation i gained for what we have. And now we get to celebrate it next saturday!

**i am leaving Eugene today for Portland and head to Bend tomorrow - I'll miss ya'll and the blog. I scheduled a few posts and I may blog here and there from Bend and maybe in mexico (if i take the comp). Otherwise - I'll be back as a married woman in october!! there are so many of you that we wish were going to be at the wedding. just know that we will be thinking of you and will have lots of pictures/video to share! thanks for all the love and support.

PS we are LOVING the new camera so far


jenni said...

can't even believe that story about Grant! gave me goosebumps and I do think its funny what he "remembers"

PS. I decided not to send your gift until you are back in Eugene, just so you weren't looking for it in Bend.

Lindsey said...

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Lacy & Simon said...

A funny but must have been realy scary story! I can't believe that Grant has probably done much more invasive things in the lab but does this with eye drops! Craziness. Have a great time gettin hitched!!! I'm thinking about you and will look forward to reading posts and seeing pictures.

alisha said...

I'll be thinking of you this week/weekend! I'm SO excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Burton said...

Wow, I'm glad Grant's okay. That's a little crazy!