Thursday, September 11, 2008


this week must be the week of familial generosity, because we just got all of this beautiful antique china in the mail. it is the china that grant's maternal grandmother got for her wedding! she asked us a while ago if we would want it and, of course, we said YES! i LOVE it!! she also handed down her silver and crystal. its all so beautiful! i've never really inherited anything before so it means a lot to have something that was in grant's family for so long. i can't wait to move so we can get it in a china cabinet!!

since i always take pictures at night that turn out crappy here is a picture that more accurately represents the colors and pattern of the china. LOVE it!


SnyderAZ said...

Ok, after a few shed tears... this made me think of y'all. Just because you are getting married, not because all of the dudes look like Grant. I thought it would be special to share with you. E

SnyderAZ said...

OK, that did not work. I will just putit on my blog. E