Wednesday, September 10, 2008

troubles & new sparkles!

in my drunken haze saturday night i dropped my camera - it now won't focus (as you can see in the previous post) and it has this ugly black thing in the corner of every picture - its very allusive - changing sizes every picture!

wasn't worried at first - just get it fixed, right? nope. that will take weeks and an undisclosed amount of money. F***! i had no choice but to get a new camera - i kind of have a big photo opportunity coming up, ya know?

i really didnt know what to do. i've been eyeing this for MONTHS, but do i get something that nice when i have to use it immediately and have no idea how to use it? do i want that to be my sole camera? a back up point and shoot would be nice. all very frustrating. in the end my 'rents let me pick out whatever i wanted. i chose this point and shoot pictured below (ours is silver though). it was a really good deal, rated really well and will get me through until we can afford the digital SLR.

now that that is settled. i will tell you my other EXCITING news! my sister (well half - sister, but who cares?) emailed last week asking if i would want to wear one of her rings at the wedding. we've never met and she can't make it to the wedding so i was BEYOND excited and honored. the ring is beautiful - and arrived yesterday.. in this cute little box..

its antique (old), borrowed, and full of sapphires (blue) - AWESOME.... see??

its a little big, but the jewelers can put in a little temporary sizer so it will be perfect!! thanks lis!


Alysh said...

I think i have that camera, or a camera like it and it is just about the greatest camera i have ever owned and i love it, and i m sure it is going to be great for taking pics at the wedding

J Manson Squared said...

Good choice on the camera. It's the one that Jason and I have and it works great! Takes wonderful photos and has lots of settings that you can use...indoors, outdoors, fireworks, beach etc. Hope it works well for you too!

Donna said...

we have the same camera too and it is AWESOME! Thinking of you...only a WEEK AWAY ;-) Miss ya!!!!!