Saturday, September 6, 2008


i've been in a little funk this week - i'm hoping its hormonal and not a stress induced mood that won't leave. this whole IUD thing makes it difficult to know what is/isn't hormonal. (thats another story for another day..)

anyway.. back to what i came here to talk about. hmmm... we're going to be MARRIED in two weeks?? weird. i don't feel old enough to be an adult - i'm learning that once you hit a certain point in life you never feel 'old enough' to do whatever it is life expects you to do. but i'm beyond excited and extremely ready for it to be here. i feel like we've been talking about this thing forever - really we have.. its been over a year. how do people have like 10 year engagments??? i'm just hoping the strong desire i haver for it to 'be here' doesn't become a desire for it to just 'be over'. it won't though. that is the aforementioned funk talking...

left to do:

1. another hair trial - i know its getting ridiculous, but for some reason this decision is the ONE that is really freaking me out. up or down, up or down, on and on. oh wait. i've decided UP - it has to be up. two weeks later - i can't do it. i look like a pin head. DOWN it has to be down. and on it goes...

2. print/write placecards

3. print/assemble other paper stuff (all so cool - wait til you see!)

4. make tissue paper pom poms for get away car

5. finish some gifts and thank yous

6. finalize rental pick up/drop off times

7. make a bracelet

8. do some research on cabo - outline what to do there. get used to the idea of being 9 days with out computer... still not sure if i can part with it, but i know it will be good for me.

9. meet with day of coordinator

10. make 400 desserts

11. finalize everything else.

12. PACK - that is a big one. i leave eugene next saturday (Sept 13th) and don't return until after our honeymoon (Oct 1st). and those of you who have traveled with me know i am a horrible over packer - should be interesting.

pray i get out of this funk...


Lacy & Simon said...

I'm sorry you are in a funk! It is a stressfull time and I'm sure the hormonal changes play into things. Here is my recipe to get out of a funk (in this order), funny movie, massage, and a relaxing bubble bath with candles. Then two tylenol pms and a comfortable bed.

nicole said...

i am writing down this recipe...just have to convince G of the massage part. =)

Anonymous said...

#1 and #8 have been wiped from your mind ... now grap a cocktail, prop your feet up and ENJOY! Your doing too much girly! Go to a party store, buy the pom poms, grab a box of thank yous, have an addressing party for the place cards (or give me the list), CALL A BAKER!! Meet the coordinator and PACK! ( I pack too much advice there. Love shoes!) ;)
This is your time, get rest, ENJOY< ENJOY< ENJOY!!!