Tuesday, December 16, 2008

packing packing snow and packing

we spent our weekend packing. its been stressful - i realized i've never been in a situation where i am, at least, partially responsible for everything in the house. we have a lot of crap and since we are broke i have a hard time parting with things we don't currently use, but will be able to use in a larger place.

lindsey is an angel and came down to help us - the Portland snow storm cut her visit short, but we were quite productive! this is my birthday present that she made for me. we found this fabric at Fabric Depot in Portland. I've wanted one of these for YEARS and have never gotten around to making one - can't wait for it to go up in Missouri!

today the snow hit here. i was hoping for it. i love how everything looks prettier with snow on it. everyone is pretty annoyed with it, but i'm all about it - its so cozy! it worked out well because we need to stay in and pack our little hearts out (6 days til the movers come!) and if i can only have to work half of my last week of work while we're at it - PERFECT!

i needed something sweet so i scrounged for what we had left so i wouldn't have to buy anything we couldn't use before we leave - PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES! yum. they never sound super good to me, but i've had a hankering lately. when we head home next week i'm really hoping to take a day and bake lots of cookies. i don't really have anyone to give them to, but i love baking this time of year. here is the recipe i used. they aren't chewy, which is what i am always going for with cookies, but still delicious.

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Lauren said...

Hi Nicole!

I love to read your blog! I actually had more of a question than a comment. We are possibly moving from Portland to Nebraska and I was hoping you could tell me the moving company you are using??

LOVE your blog!!! You wedding was amazing!

Thanks- Lauren lwrussell2@gmail.com