Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seattle, 25 and other randomness...

This weekend we headed to Seattle to visit Matt and Joel and then Joe & Janelle. We had a very low key and relaxing time. Soo good to see old friends when you don't know the next time you will see one another.

I love Seattle. I just like the feel of that city - very northwest, but different than Portland. Sunday on our way out of town Grant humored me and we went to Urban Craft Uprising. I was REALLY excited to go to my first big indie craft fair. It was really cool to see all the great vendors and artists. (you can see all of their online shops on the UCU site)

I had planned to get something special there, but nothing jumped out at me. There was some pretty cute baby stuff that I was incredibly tempted by, but most everything I felt like I either didn't need or could have made myself (albiet not as professionally...). It made me realize that if we wanted to sell our stuff someday we probably could - but I don't know how much I would enjoy doing fairs like this very often. Maybe just a few times a year. Mostly I think Etsy would be the way to go. Main problem = I like to copy... doesn't work so well with that little thing called copyright.


Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes! I can't believe I'm a quarter century old! Time is flying by. This has been such a big year for me. I have learned a lot about myself and continue to be surprised by how much I have to learn. I will forever feel younger than I am (I constantly look at myself and am shocked that I am a grown woman...wasn't I just in high school??).


In other news - my wedding photos are on their way so all the wedding related posts that have been piling up will be posted in the coming weeks... or after the new year depending how on top of things we are on packing... we are leaving eugene in less than two weeks... do we have one box packed?? no.

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Holly and Everest said...

I know what you mean...after a certain age I think only your body ages, not your mind set. I guess it's still nice to celebrate the fact that you were born so Happy Birthday. I still don't feel like an adult and my kid is almost four. I look at other moms and they alway look more adult than me....and then I get a reality check when a third grader I volunteer with says your twenty six...wow. And then instantly I feel old. Sorry this is a lot longer than I enticipated.