Friday, January 16, 2009

frothy, yummy goodness

remember how much i used to love dutch bros? (i was just really saddened to learn from their website that there were dutch bros locations throughout california and arizona - HOW DID I MISS THIS while we were driving???) new homeland has a dunn bros and although it sounds similar, its just not the same (i think they use sugar free syrup - what is the fun in that??).

lucklily we recieved an espresso maker as a wedding gift (thanks Brett!), and just now broke it out. (all our wedding gifts have been in storage - we are LOVING the chance to enjoy them)

it is my new favorite thing to make a latte (or three) and get stuff done around the house (we are, by the way, TOTALLY unpacked). they are so good and easy to make - i can't believe how much money i will save - which will leave more of my weekly 'entertainment' budget for crafting!

speaking of crafting - i have my new craft nook all set up and i can't wait to show you! stop by tomorrow for a little tour.

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Lacy & Simon said...

These coffees look delicious! I am so impressed.
Congrats on nursing school!