Wednesday, February 4, 2009

these just changed my life

homemade chocolate chip cookies. yumm. i've had a craving for these ever since this post claimed that the recipe was THE best. but THEN i saw this recipe. i was going to try them both but got lazy and only made the second because it had one less ingredient.

OMG these are good. they taste like they are from a specialty bakery...soft, chewy, chocolatey. so good. so so so so good.

do as she says and use a high quality chocolate chip and PURE vanilla extract. they are a little more spendy, but you won't be sorry. i made a whole batch of dough and froze half... i'll let you know how the second batch bakes up.

i seriously can't stop thinking about them. so good.


jenni said...

wow! those look amazing. I would pay money for those.

Michele said...

I made them and they are AMAZING!!!

Leslie & Lucas said...

Lucas is making these right now -- can't wait to try one!