Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day

These 'antique valentines' caught my eye in the Februrary issue of Living, so I decided to make a few. Mine aren't nearly as cute as Martha's and I didn't put much time or effort, but they'll do the job.

I really like the fact that its like a three layer just keep unfolding til all the layers are done!

I also came across these awesome downloads (there are TONS of great valentine's day ideas on Bunny Cakes)

They needed to be wrapped up so I made a tiny (2x3) envelope and used ribbon tape to seal!

I had big plans for getting Valentine's out this year...didn't really happen, but here are a few other ideas I liked...

fortune cookies & doily envelopes - ideas and photos courtesy of martha

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Holly and Everest said...

Nicole, you crack me up sometimes. It is always interesting to me to know what you are up to especially crafting wise. I'm excited that you are learning to knit. I saw your washcloth and it looks like you are picking it up quickly. I'd like to see your scarf as well. It's not all that surprising that you caught onto knitting since you seem to be great at everything you try. It's slightly annoying, but since I like you so much I just turn a blind eye to your brilliance.

I've been working on a baby blanket, but it's just not all that thrilling so I haven't been working on it obsessively like I usually do. I did get a super cute pattern for baby booties, so if you ever feel up to it I'll pass it along to you.