Friday, February 6, 2009

wedding videos

I've spent several hours the past two days using iMovie and iDVD (two programs that should make you want a mac) to create our wedding dvd complete with dvd menus and extras! It was easy to upload them to YouTube when I was done - so I did. The picture quality is pretty bad, but you will get the idea of what was going on. If you are interested? If not just skip this post all together!

First up is the ceremony (in three parts)

YouTube made me cut out the part where we played Somewhere Over the Rainbow...something about copyright..pfft!

Next up? Me being classy...

they made me do it??

After dinner My brother and his friend Alexis sang a song...I LOVED this!

After the toasts (too long to upload) was the cake cutting (cake that I made by the way!)

I adore that song from Juno

First dance to another of my favorite songs: The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

Dance Party! If only the camera battery hadn't could see the real crazy dance party!

Bouquet Toss. I had my florist make the toss bouquet a large bouquet composed of several smaller bouquets.That way more people get to feel special!

Garter Toss. The camera battery died before the actual toss, but it was so funny how Grant was while he took the garter off (i HATE this tradition too...)

Then we just kept dancing til we left!


jenni said...

i just watched them ALL. Thank you for sharing! I can finally stop being sad that I missed it. and it explains that crazy hair guy from the reception photos that I kept forgetting to ask about!

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, I can only imagine how much work this was! Thank you for sharing :) said...

WOW-your dress is GORGEOUS!!!