Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updated Crafty To Dos

craft space

Jenni inspired me to go through my crafty to do's. i've gotten more done on this list than i expected - i never think to refer to it. i'm really hoping to be inspired to stick to a few things on here that i've been wanting to try.
  • figure out how to cut straight...
    • still working on it, but getting better
  • oven mitts and pot holders (here and here and here)
    • bought oven mitts - this wasn't at all intriguing for me
  • skirt for me (here, here, here, here, here, here, here , or here )
    • whew! that is a lot of options! i might just have to make them all because i live in skirts in the summer.
  • coasters & placemats to match
    • Jess made me some coasters! i still need to find a place mat pattern i like. 
  • continue practicing & learning the lingo
    • doin' good on this one, although pattern reading isn't as easy as it seems! here here and here 
  • eventually sweaters like katie makes!
    • soon - after some more confidence and practice
  • debbie bliss seed stitch baby shoes 
    • cast on for these last night. i'm making them for our future baby. it isn't conceived and won't be for a long time, but the only yarn i have works good for baby stuff...and i need to learn how to increase and decrease.
  • slouchy beret 
    • not sure i can pull it off, but i love it. i also want to cut my hair like the girl in the pictures!
  •  toy elephant
    • i love love love this. i think i will have to improve, but i REALLY want to make it. 
  • baby legs 
    • i think the knit baby legs are the cutest, but the whole double pointed needle thing is intimidating... soon i will try
  • coffee cozy 
    • i have a friend getting married who LOVES loves starbucks - everyday in college she got at least one. it will forever remind me of her. i was thinking a gift certificate to her fav and two matching cozies would be cute for a shower or wedding gift. 
  • resume practicing & learn the lingo
    • on hold for now
  • day of the week dishtowels
    • just going to do two and not include the days. i have the towels - just have to transfer the designs and start stitching!
  • freezer paper shirts (examples here & here)
    • i have everything to do this except the freezer paper
  • canvas silhouettes
    • if we get a house i will FOR SURE be doing this, if we rent i will probably STILL do it!


jenni said...

First, I really like that picture.

I did our silhouettes and it was really hard. I was working on a tutorial then someone else came up with a way better way to do it. Remind me to send you that link. I can't wait to click on all these projects!

Mrs. M said...

I love the idea of the key rack!
By the way, I am getting much better with the hand embroidery, unfortunately not doing to well with the sewing!