Tuesday, May 12, 2009

inaugural Lowe's purchase

lowe's trip

i believe we've spent at least three hours at lowe's and/or home depot on each of the past three saturdays. we were plotting and planning all the purchases we would need to get our house in working order. oy vey! something about those places is straight up exhausting! 

three weeks of planning came to fruition this weekend - we (and our bank account!) took the plunge. we bought all the supplies we need for painting. i know i've said it, but as it gets closer i REALLY can't believe we have to paint every surface in that place. its exhausting just thinking about it. 

we also ordered all the laminate flooring (not pictured and to be picked up Thursday after closing). the rolls of white foam pictured are rolls of underlayment. it goes between the concrete slab and the flooring - adds a little cushion and also keeps moisture out. 

despite the previously mentioned hours and HOURS spent in this establishment we were left to find out Saturday that it takes at least three weeks from when we order carpet to getting it installed. sweet. we need it next week. we think we have found a solution, but it wasn't without an additional two hours at home depot and a few hours at a very comical carpet warehouse. 

we are WAY excited to get everything started! brett and my mom will be out next week to help! she is also assigned the duty of accompanying me to flea markets and antique shops...


Jonas and Janelle said...

So fun! Well, a lot of work, but in a good way... your guys' new house is going to be so cute, can't wait to see it with the Simmons' touch :)

Lacy & Simon said...

So fun!!!! B-wong as a handy man?