Tuesday, May 19, 2009


the day began with me taping (again...)

and G filling/sanding holes. these people must have had a ridiculous amount of stuff on their walls. seriously hundreds of holes. 

best line of the day: 
G - this room must have been a kid's room.
N - why?
G - i just sanded two boogers off the wall. 

so sick huh?? 

G's nemesis - the linoleum

my personalized roller extender. one of my weird quirks is that i can't stand the feel of 'raw wood' if its oiled, varnished, stained i'm fine, but just plain sanded wood? NO WAY. touching it is like nails on a chalkboard. to avoid this feeling for the next week i wrapped the handle in painters tape and G tried tightening the top part with a few nails. 

heat gun & flat shovel thingy= G's best friends. now that the kitchen linoleum was up it was back to the entry way. 

meanwhile i primed. and primed. and primed. like the dusty, painty butt?

last room i needed to prime! (aka the booger room)

after much struggle and stating that he will forever pay someone to take up linoleum G got all of the glue off the slab in the entry. he worked so hard and did such a great job.

yesterday we left the house feeling like there was little hope in getting everything done according to our timeline, but today we made some huge progress. i am totally confident that i can get all three bedrooms painted tomorrow (since i was able to tape and prime them all today) so that the carpet can be installed wednesday. G will start laying laminate tomorrow night and we'll just have to see where that one takes us. 

we've been working over there about 12 hours a day so we are surely exhausted. and SORE (if anything falls its every man for himself... no one wants to bend over). that being said we love that we are able to put a little of us into this place. 

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jessica said...

G - You are looking very professional, following all the OSHA Standards I hope. Nice work ripping up the linoleum, that can be a real b....