Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a good one

i've been a bad blogger...our lives have been so busy and really rather dull in terms of 'postable' material. i've been HATING school, but have made some big strides around the house. two tests this week and two days at the state mental hospital have me longing for the weekend.

BUT this past weekend was fun. REALLY FUN. Brett and Beth came for a visit...Friday was low key - we just made dinner and talked. Saturday Grant, Beth, and I ran a 10K. Brett was our ultimate cheerleader...he was dedicated considering it poured POURED the entire time. The farthest G and I had run before the race was about 4 miles...I was nervous about the jump to 6.2 mostly because the only reason I run is because G is good at convincing me to go...I have VERY little personal motivation. After my last marathon (3 years ago??! wow that is insane.) I was in a hard life spot and also just tired of running so I haven't ever really gotten back into it.

The jump was no problem and we had so much fun. We finished in 1:02 and were really consistent with our speed, except I had to race this girl who was pissing me off at the end. We beat her... I think I have a renewed desire to run and be a runner. I am finally back in-shape enough that it doesn't feel like I am going to die every time I go out and if we keep signing up for races it will help keep things interesting.

The whole gang. Do you love my hat? I have a small head so hats are always really low on my face...its cute, i know. Jaume and Raneat ran too - they are so much fun. Raneat had only run 1.5 miles before this and she finished just after us! She is a trooper. We were SO SO cold in these pictures. We were soaked. During the race the rain was fun - it kind of makes you feel hard core, ya know?

Up next? A 10K Thanksgiving Day! I'm so excited...a great distraction from not being at home for the holiday AND the perfect excuse to eat whatever we want!

Back to the weekend... The rest of Saturday was devoted to the DUCKS! We watched (really they watched and I worked on my wedding album while glancing up occasionally...) the ducks slam Cal at Autzen...it was AWESOME. It was one of those games that just made you want to go back SO SO bad. we MISS oregon. and Eugene.

the rest of our evening was spent at the Bunkers celebrating Aaron's birthday. There was lots of low-key conversation and some intense couples wii boxing. Jaume and Raneat played for the first time.

Brett and Beth are pros!

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