Monday, September 7, 2009

its good!

i've been really hating cooking lately. i mean like to the point that i will eat cereal for days before i even consider cooking...not that we do that, but i want to. so bad.

something needed to change and i decided that trying new recipes might help. it has really helped. i have a hard time with summer recipes...all that ever sounds good is fresh and/or barbecued food, but getting the bbq out every night is a struggle.

anyway... this is a light summer pasta that we both really enjoyed. it is very different but good and even better the next day. let me know what you think!

and a random pretty sunflower from the farmer's market...


Holly and Everest said...

I totally eat cereal out of the box for dinner...maybe that's why I don't have a husband.

Natalie said...

Loving your blog! I am also from Oregon and livig in mid Missouri!