Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i got this picture from grant today. he took it with his phone! he is in DC for an APS committee (or something??) meeting. today he got to spend the afternoon/evening with his Gma. We are so thankful he is getting the chance to visit her! i wish i were there too! in eighth grade we took a class trip to DC, Philly, and New York...i had a blast, but was totally uninterested in the history or just more excited about the fact that we were on a trip without our parents. i hope we can go back in the next few years to see the sights!

happy rest of the week! i will be in a simulation tomorrow morning, providing care for a critically ill manikin. should be interesting.

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Alisha said...

HILARIOUS!!! That last part cracked. me. the. heck. up.
I'm alone all week too. Well, with a toddler. That's worse! At least you aren't a single parent. :)