Sunday, November 1, 2009

it is GOOOOOOOOOD to be a duck!

ain't he the cutest duck fan you ever did see?? this is him all cheery last week when the Ducks stomped the Huskies

he is so cute... can't get close enough!

well... last week DID NOT EVEN COMPARE to the fun and excitement of last night's game! if you live under a college football rock you can read about it here, but really you should at least watch a highlight reel... it was THAT GOOD! i could hardly even knit for fear i would miss another awesome play!

ducked out!

very pleased after yet another oregon touchdown. IT WAS SO SO AWESOME to hand USC their ass on a plate... 600+ yards, most points scored against them since '97, etc, etc!!!!

i think Grant was almost as nervous/excited/exhausted as the players were!

we were happy little duck fans... only thing that would have been better would have been watching it live back home! we miss you, Oregon...especially during football season!


Alisha said...

We saw part of it and thought about you guys! glad it was a good weekend for you all. purdue didn't even score a single point in their game. yikes!

jenni said...

you two are toooo cute!

Holly and Everest said...

If Grant had a bigger TV would he be able to sit on the couch and watch or would he still be two inches away? I get anxious just looking at him crouched like a tiger waiting to pounce. Good thing we were winning otherwise I fear for our television.

Sean and Belinda said...

We know exactly how you feel. Living in Ireland for 5 years, we missed A LOT of football. We finally were able to watch the games on Ozone, but with the time change Sean and I were often up at 2am covered over his laptop. Glad to see you had yourselves a party! GO DUCKS!!! :D