Thursday, January 7, 2010

the meenderings come to town!

we spent last weekend with Jon, Jess, and Jude! we had so much fun! it had been way too long since we had a chance to just chill together and that is just what we did. there may or may not have been a sickness that forced some of the relaxation, but we totally made the most of it!
checking out the edge of campus and the columns. we didn't last long with the baby and the puppy - it was like 0 degrees out!

SERIOUSLY! cutest baby ever, right?? he is so adorable! those eyes get you every time!

we laughed hard new years eve playing mad gab - HILARIOUS game!!
watching the puppy play outside

they were so cute together - Olive kept attacking jude with licks, but they liked to be in one another's sights at all times!

sweet boy!

we miss you guys SO very much!! thank you for making the long trek - we will always have a story to tell about this visit, won't we?!

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Jonas and Janelle said...

Love the pic with you, G and lil' Jude. You look super stoked to be holding a baby and G looks a little more reserved... makes me laugh :)