Sunday, March 14, 2010

beloved weekend...

she does not appreciate the awesomeness of photography just yet

i'm sick so our weekend involved lots of this while reading the first book in the twilight series.
olive was sleeping just before this picture was taken...she still chooses the funniest positions.

she hearts the hippo...her favorite game is when we chase her - i think she likes to prove how out of shape her mama is!

my clinical rotation at the local retirement facility made me fall back in love with puzzles (what? you're surprised to know that doing puzzles is included as a necessary part of a 15 month nursing education??), so we bought one to do together for valentine's day. it took us a month to get to, but we had fun working on it!

after we started the edges we saw Crazy is so good - you really should see it.

have a happy week...

136 days til nursing school is over and 12 days til we're in OREGON!!! i'm already getting sad to leave Oregon - i'm pretty sure that isn't normal...

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jenni said...

yay for vacations!

ps. what a hardcore husband you have! vodka on the rocks?! I know it isn't ice water, who would drink ice water on a HOT night involving puzzles!