Sunday, March 21, 2010

round 2

Thursday and Friday of this week were beautiful here - high 60s and sunny! We were so excited for a chance to get outside and we'd been wanting to take Olive to another dog park. We tried the one everyone touts as the best in town...and they were totally right! As you can see there were lots of good smells!

Olive was hilarious and really well behaved. She hardly jumped up on people (something we've been working on) at all! This was her signature move when a new dog was coming up to her - for one she was tired and also being submissive. She ran around for about 2 hours and even fell in the lake once - that was funny because she was totally stunned and didn't quite know what to do!

We left as the sun went down over the little lake - it was really beautiful.

Taking Olive anywhere in the car is always an adventure because it always ends in vomit with the occasional diarrhea for good measure - this time was no different. I got her out of the car when we stopped to pick up food just in time for her to go to the bathroom and then she puked out the car window just as we pulled onto our street. We keep hoping she will grow out of it, but there are no signs of improvement so far... does anyone have any suggestions for this?? At first I thought it was a result of nausea, but with the diarrhea I am wondering if it is anxiety. It even happens when one of us is cuddling with her in the backseat, though...

Oh... and then Friday night and all day Saturday it snowed. I was super unexcited.

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