Wednesday, August 11, 2010

more of this

it has been a while. how are you all? i'm so out of touch with my little space on the internets. life has thrown some seriously heavy blows and required lots of deep breaths the past few weeks. you may have noticed that the blog went private for a time, but i decided that wasn't necessary and opened it back up. i like you all too much not to have you share our life!

it has been seriously rough and those two over there have been a huge support, along with my friends and family (don't know what i'd do without you all!). the tears and frustration keep coming, but i'm feeling a little better all the time. the positives are: i am DONE with nursing school, i have a job, and did i mention... I AM DONE WITH NURSING SCHOOL??

i really am so ready to have a 'regular' life where there is some sense of financial stability and lots of time to spend as i wish. the next few months will be spent transitioning into that life. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.

i will be back over the next few days with updates about the past few weeks, but i will leave you with a sweet video of my loves. can you get over how sweet and cuddly she is?? her life is complete if she has one of us close and we are indulging her in a belly rub. love her.


Patty said...

Um, that's pretty much the cutest thing ever! Congrats again for finishing school- I am so happy for you (and more than a little bit envious, although the end of surgery is somewhat in sight, which will be a big help)! I want to hear more about your job too- I miss you tons, k?

Eric Snyder said...

Yeah, I totally logged on to check the blog a couple weeks ago and thought you and Grant and left! Could you please tell grant that I need to develop and individual development plan and ask him if he knows of any upcoming talks (peraphs in the spring) that I could attend to get some advice (aka, a "roadmap" of some sort) on this? Hope all is well, love the doggie!