Monday, May 2, 2011

21 Weeks!

21 Weeks

Look at that - a belly on the beach! It had been almost a year and a half since that body had seen the ocean and oh man did it feel good. I will share more pics of our day at the beach this week, but I thought this one was fitting for the weekly update. You see... I sometimes cheat and take my weekly photo on Sunday so Grant can take it for me. This week we woke up Sunday after being out til 1am and I looked ROUGH! I didn't even drink! Seems like if you can't drink you should get to wake up looking all gorgeous and sparkly. Instead I had a swollen face and tired eyes... makes a prego girl look washed up. Anyway.. Those pics are below. I just thought this one was a bit more flattering.

21 Weeks 21 Weeks

There were lots of, umm shall we say, "impressed" looks and questions at the party Saturday night about just how far along I was and some comments of, "WOW you are big!" Lovely. I also get winded easily and I noticed a few people looking concerned when I had to take some deep breaths. Ha! Have I told you yet HOW MUCH I MISS BEER? I really do. It will be a happy day when I can down a cold one without worry. (That is related because it was REALLY HARD to be the only sober one Saturday night.)

The biggest news of the week is that this kid likes meat and gets pissed when I've gone a few days without it. I was really sick last Wednesday morning - I felt awful and couldn't figure out why. I finally realized it had been 4 days since I had any meat. I'd had protein, but not actual animal flesh (sounds good, huh?). I decided to try eating a huge bacon cheeseburger for lunch and I've felt fine ever since! I've been trying to make more conscious decisions to include meat in every meal because apparently its what this kid needs. Gotta keep it happy to keep mama happy. 

Most of the week I felt barely any flutters from baby, which was a little stressful and concerning. Then this morning and throughout the day I've felt some big thuds like baby is flipping around in there. I wonder if it got bigger or just moved into a different position. Pretty crazy that baby went from cantaloupe to banana... seems disproportional! I guess we are supposed to just focus on the length of the banana. Baby is working mostly on growing this week. We are still working on names, but I think we made some progress yesterday. For boys we are thinking August Eugene, Holden Miller, or Reed Miller and for girls we like Maren and Aurora. We don't know about middle names for girls yet. What do you think? Names are SO hard.


Alisha said...

You look great! Names are SO hard, but you have picked some great ones. Obviously you know I love Miller. :)

J J & j said...

Love Love Love the names!

Anonymous said...

We've been missing Grant in the lab! Like the names althoug I'm a bit biased toward Reed! That's our sons middle name and it sounds awesome with Simmons. Reed Simmons very catchy and kind of noble sounding. Glad to see all is well with you and the baby.

Alysha said...

YAY for putting your toes in the sand. Just think in under three short months how big you are going to be when you are back at cannon beach for my wedding :)

The Richards said...

lookin good mama! I love the beach pic.