Tuesday, June 28, 2011

29 weeks!

29 weeks

Wow. 29 weeks is VERY close to 30 weeks which is VERY close to 40 weeks and this kid could come BEFORE 40 weeks! Its starting to feel a bit like crunch time. In a good way. I'm excited and getting more and more ready to meet this little person. We have a lot more preparing to do, but I definitely think it is possible to get it all done in time. I'm still feeling awesome and even commented to Grant that I've felt so good the past week or so that I forget I'm pregnant half the time. Depending on babe's position my ribs kind of hurt or just feel like I'd like to get that big belly out from under them, but most of the time the babe is low enough that I feel fine. 

I'm definitely starting to get more tired again and get winded on hills and stairs pretty easily. I guess I'm still big? I dunno...some lady at Salvation Army was astounded that I wasn't already in labor because of my enormity and then went on to ask if there were two in there. Umm, no thanks just one and I LIKE MY BELLY thankyouverymuch! It doesn't even seem big to me anymore. I'm getting so used to it...its going to be weird when its gone! 

Speaking of Salvation Army...Jenni introduced me to half off Mondays which is awesome... she scored on some serious stuff for her new place and I got a few baby things. I asked Lilly if she'd help me find some long tanks to cover my big belly...she was all pro scouring the racks and found me three! I got 4 shirts for me and 3 onesie outfits for baby all for under $9!

29 weeks 29 weeks

In other news, I booked a maternity and baby photographer! I'm so excited! Katie Anderson will be doing a whole series from maternity through baby's first birthday. I can't wait to see all the great pictures we'll get. I've been meaning to get professional pics of Grant and I taken in the years since our wedding, but never did so it makes me endlessly happy that we will have lots of our little family over the next year. This kid will be super well documented!

Baby is continuing to GROW like a little weed. Over 15 inches long (OMG!) and 2.5 lbs now...things are getting tighter! The goal these days is to mostly lay down some serious layers of fat and to grow his brain nice and big (not too big tho... it needs to get out of me! This week is also a big week for calcification of bone. Apparently I need to up my calcium intake so babe has enough available to make his bones big and strong. This kid is getting closer and closer to having a name. I think we are pretty set in our ways with our top faves for each sex, but I haven't come up with any girl middle names. Our top boy names are... August Eugene, Holden Miller, and Walter (not sure which middle name yet). Walter is my new fav... we could call him Walt or WALLY! OMG! Reed got knocked down a bit... for some reason it sounds too preppy to me. Our top girl names are Edrie, Aurora, Evelyn, and Maren. I'm pretty stuck on middle names for girls. I'd like there to be some meaning behind them so I'll have to do some research. I LOOOOOVE the name Evelyn and wish it weren't so popular. I have to decide if I care about popularity or not. We'll probably make a game time decision no matter what to see what the babe looks most like.


Esther said...

love the girl names! ever considered 'Magalie' - it means 'Pearl' and in the end it's a little pearl hidden inside you isn't it:-) x esther

The Richards said...

I spent about 30 minutes looking over your photographers blog. She does amazing work. You will capture your pregnancy and little one's first year very well. Good choice! :)