Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catch up: Memorial Day Weekend Beach Trip


We had made plans to attempt a camping trip Memorial Day weekend with our friends Ethan and Katie, but the weather wasn't cooperating. We instead settled on a few day trips so we could focus on where the weather was good and still sleep in our warm beds. Saturday of that weekend we hiked in Multnomah Falls and then had dinner at Edgefield McMenamins (I forgot my camera!) And Sunday we met for a trip to the coast. It was cloudy, but warm enough and we didn't get rained on!


We went to Pacific City - a beach I had never been to, but really liked! You can drive and park ON the beach. Very convenient if you forget things in the car! Ethan, Grant and Noah flew a kite right when we got there.



Olive was on her best behavior. We kept her off leash ALL day long! She didn't bother anyone and came when we called her...awesome!


Judah and I hung out while everyone else climbed the GIANT sand dune...


Noah was up there in minutes! Fearless little thing!


Pretty cute fam, right?! After the sand dune climb we started a fire on the beach to roast marshmallows.


Olive wasn't very concerned about our need for a family picture.


and Noah livened this one up! Look at those red locks!


This was one tired puppy after a full day of sprinting all over the beach. She CAN NOT wait to go back! Have I mentioned how much I love this dog? Its really almost unfathomable! I should brag that a guy on the street told me that she is the prettiest mutt he has ever seen...I agree!

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