Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 Weeks!

30 weeks

I think from here on out all I'm going to be is shocked at how close we are getting to meeting this little being flopping around inside of me. I CAN NOT WAIT! There are so many questions I have about who this person is and how we are all going to fit together. This past week was good - we even went on a mini vacation (pics to come!) and I survived a short hike! It felt sooo good to be out in the sun! I even bared my belly in a bikini on Saturday! 

I continue to get bigger all the time, but I feel like the rate has slowed a bit. I still get shocked looks when people ask when I'm due. I'm just happy that if I am huge for how far along I am that I still feel good. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant because there are no constant aches and pains. 

I'm starting to get a little freaked out about how much we have to do to prepare for this kid in the next 10-ish weeks. Mostly just get some more baby gear and get the nursery situated. We are still in the final stages of moving out of that awful downtown apartment. After this weekend we will be done with that and have all of our stuff situated in storage so we can focus on baby. I did order our crib yesterday though! That was the only piece of baby furniture we needed because we already have a dresser that we can paint and my rocking chair. I'm hoping the nursery will come together quick once we get the room painted and fabric for curtains chosen. 

Baby is almost 3lbs and 15.7 inches long, apparently comparable to a head of cabbage. The babe is always moving around in there, but I still don't really see the movements from the outside very often. I feel the baby twitch a lot. Its an odd feeling and I kind of wondered what he was doing in there. One of the weekly baby emails I get said that it feels like twitching when the baby is practicing breathing...a good sign then!


Holly and Everest said...

You are so much cuter pregnant than I ever was. It becomes you.

jenni said...

that is exact crib we have! I like your dress...I found my maternity clothes so when you come over you can look/take them.