Wednesday, July 27, 2011

33 Weeks!


Yup - every post from here on out is going to begin with OMG, because seriously its getting close. I'm lucky to still be feeling pretty great. My biggest complaints are carpal tunnel (which seems to be improving with stretching) and fatigue. By the end of the day I'm wiped and usually start to breathe heavier as I walk upstairs or try to do anything 'strenuous'. My mom and I spent the weekend in San Diego visiting my brother - it was a nice break from to do lists and the never-ending moving. We spent three of the 5 days on the beach and ate too well the whole weekend! 

I had another midwife appointment right before we left and everything went great. I've asked my midwives to keep a close watch on baby's heart rhythm, because I started the antidepressant last week. There was one case study where a woman started in the third trimeseter and baby developed an irregular rhythm. Its a case study so the likelihood of it repeating is slim, but we figured safer is better. Baby is still head down and in perfect position for birth. My midwife even asked if I'm feeling pelvic pressure (I'm not) because he (or she) is so low! This kid has been deep in my pelvis since the beginning and I sometimes think that is part of why I am still feeling pretty comfortable. Baby is hardly ever up in my ribs so I can move and breathe comfortably.  When he does get all cozy taking up more room, I just encourage (push) him back down a bit. Though, he doesn't always comply. We saw lots of family while we were in Cali and everyone had a take on if this kid is a boy or girl - and I got a few that are convinced its a girl! I'm getting so curious! 

 My mom and I made some big moves in the nursery yesterday - we got the room painted, set up the crib, bought a bookshelf on craigslist, and got supplies to do a few DIY projects. Its helping me breathe easier - I've been feeling like I NEED to prepare for this baby and we just haven't been able to with all the moving and upheaval of our life. 

What else? Baby is HUGE - my email says over 4lbs and 17inches! I feel that things are getting tighter in there. My skin is more taught and I feel baby move all day long. Its a nice reminder that he is there and helps me remember to talk to him more. I love it when I can tell that what I feel is a foot or a knee, but that doesn't happen very often. Many of the movements I feel are really deep down so I think his hands are constantly busy and up by his face. 

I think that sums it up - getting the nursery ready and baby is getting HUGE! 

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jenni said...

I am SO SO happy I live in the same town as you, can't wait for that baby! Glad you had a good weekend and got the baby room ready, did you go with grey? Do you two have plans this weekend?