Wednesday, August 3, 2011

34 Weeks!


I get huger by the minute these days. Seems like I can't possibly get ANY bigger, yet somehow it happens! I still feel pretty good. For some reason Sunday and Monday were rough - I felt off and exhausted, but I slept in yesterday making me feel much better. For the latter half of Sunday baby was in a really weird position that made me SO uncomfortable, but after some coaxing he got back in line and mama is much happier. 

I had two job interviews this week - leading me to stuff myself into the bella band and some dress pants. OMG I was uncomfortable! I don't think either job is a go, because at this point its hard for me to start working and then I'd want time off when baby comes. It was good to get some more experience interviewing though. 

What else? I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday. Baby is still head down and really low. Heart rate sounded great and my blood pressure is normal. All things that make me happy. For some reason, I've found that the anxiety and what ifs of the first trimester are creeping back in a bit so the reassurance was nice. 

We are continuing to work on the nursery and I got to wash all my baby clothes and diapers and put them into the dresser this week. For some reason I had been looking forward to that for MONTHS! Its one of those silly little things I always dreamed of doing while pregnant, but it had to wait so LONG because of all the moving and craziness. For the nursery I still need to finish baby's quilt, make a crib skirt and mobile, paint a few things, hang pictures. Hoping to get it all finished before the shower next week! 

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