Tuesday, August 9, 2011

35 Weeks!


As I write this, baby has the hiccups. I was telling Grant the other day that sometimes its hard for me to concentrate when I'm having a conversation or trying to get something done and there is this being moving or hiccuping or kicking. I always just want to stop and focus on it or at least tell the other person, but that is kind of random... "excuse me, but my fetus is hicuuping and I need to focus." I've been loving this stage where I can REALLY feel it move though. No more are the days where I question if each twinge was the baby or not.

I'm lucky to still be feeling great. People keep asking when I think the baby will come. For some reason, I think early, but I always tell them that if I continue to feel this good it can stay in for as long as it wants so I can get everything on my to do list done! Its amazing to me how soon or how far away it could be and we have NO IDEA! Back to how I'm feeling - my biggest complaints are still the carpal tunnel and heartburn. The carpal tunnel is progressively getting worse and at times drives me insane. Three of my fingertips on both hands are now constantly numb/tingly and throughout the day/night I'm always trying to change positions to get the tingly-ness to go away. The heartburn is just something I've gotten used to - I've found its worse lately when my stomach is empty so I've been trying to eat a little bit all the time. Tums usually help, if eating doesn't cure it though.

I've been working hard to get the nursery done and its getting SO CLOSE! My goal is to have most of it done by this weekend so that I can show people at the shower and so we can take a few of our maternity pics in there. The quilt is the only thing I'm not convinced will be done and that isn't the end of the world. I really like how it is turning out...I'm excited to post pictures soon!

My email tells me that this kid in me is HUGE - possibly weighing in at around 5 1/4 lbs and over 18 inches long?! No wonder I can feel every little movement! I had this shift in pressure yesterday. I'm not sure if the baby changed positions or if he moved down or what, but all of a sudden it is kind of uncomfortable to bend over and I have a few more twingy pains when I move in certain ways. Hmmm...

We're still working on names and I'm thinking that we are probably not going to make any progress from our current position until the baby is here. August and Walter are still the boy front runners. Edrie and Aurora and maybe Maren are the girls. Maren is falling out of favor because it occurred to us that she could be called Mary and that just isn't as fun. I LOVE Edrie and would want to use the middle name Ruth...Grant is coming around, but it isn't his fav and most people aren't in love with it... not sure I care though! We'll see. I'm excited to see what it ends up being called...its such a hard decision.


cb said...

You look so great - you are totally going to be one of those moms who looks like a supermodel in the delivery room pictures immediately post-birth.

I still love Maren, but obviously you should go with what you love. I feel like since Mary isn't any shorter than just saying Maren that it wouldn't be the go-to nickname, you know? Either way, it could definitely end up where the baby is born and it just feels like one name over the other.

Also, the captcha below to post this comment reads "babie." Um, totally appropriate!

jenni said...

I am so excited for you both, is it a boy, a girl? a walter? an edrie? OH SUCH EXCITMENT!!! (ps. I am in love with Edrie) but really it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, even after you have named the baby people will still give you their thoughts on the name..."Jane? really? you mean like Jane Doe?" "Jane? oh is that a family name?" SERIOUSLY??? You realize I named my child this, so these comments are...

Barbara said...

I suggest trying a neck massage to see if that helps with the carpal tunnel issues! Sometimes tension in the scalenes can impinge on nerves in the area and cause the numbness and tingling feeling in the hands.
So excited for your soon to arrive bundle of baby!

Alisha said...

YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE! And I love your names. Don't listen to what other people say- you will never please anyone. People hate our kids names and that's okay!

Alisha said...

anyone= everyone. :)

Kay said...

Okay, I weighing in again, just for fun.

I like names that most people can spell without asking. (But, how many times have you been asked: Simmons. Is that one M or two?) So, while I love Edrie, I can see it now: Edrey. Edree. (Spell check isn't liking any of them.) Excuse me, did you say Audrey?

My favorite female names are Olivia, Yvonne, and Vera. I shy away from bestowing a name similar to a member of the household. Maren-Maureen. Olivia-Olive. And in my past, I've been a family gatherings where 25% of the the dozen people in the room were named Vera.

Boys names are more difficult. I like the assonance of Elton or Anton. And I've always, always been fond of Zach (but less taken with Zachary) and Jake (but not Jacob).

Anyway, thanks for blogging. You look great!