Monday, August 15, 2011

36 weeks! = 9 months!


I feel like it is insane to think that we are one month from our due date! Can you believe that?! This week was great - lots of exciting things for this little family! I'll start by saying that I'm still feeling great and know that I am ridiculously lucky to be saying that this far along. My carpal tunnel is still there and is progressing, but it is manageable. I've done all the baby knitting I'll be able to do until after baby is here and I get some of this fluid off, but that isn't a huge deal. My heartburn is also around, but continues to be managable. The best thing is that I'm still sleeping through the night. Toward the end of the week I started waking up at 520 or so just wide awake. I didn't have to pee or anything so I think it was just anticipation of all the fun over the weekend!


On Friday we had our maternity pictures taken by the lovely Katie Anderson! It was SO fun and I can't wait to see what she got! I'll post them here when we get a sneak peek soon! We are so excited to get to have her back in a few weeks to do our babe's newborn pictures, too!

I spent the rest of last week and Saturday finishing the nursery! I REALLY wanted to have it done before the baby shower which was yesterday. I got it done and am in love! It feels SO SO good to be in the room that is our baby's! I'll post some pictures later today.

The Shower! OMG we are beyond spoiled! Jill, Janelle, and Lindsey hosted an awesome shower and we had a great turnout! It was so fun to see people that we don't get to see very often and everyone was so excited about the baby! This kid is beyond spoiled already! The shower was complete with awesome decorations, delicious food, and fun activities! I didn't take any pictures, but I'll post them all once I get them! Thank you to everyone who planned, loved, and showered us - we are humbled by your support and generosity!

What else? I think I mentioned that I went back on my antidepressant - it was such a hard decision, but I am feeling significantly better so we are confident it was the right one. I love the doctor I'm seeing at OHSU - she specializes in pre- and post-natal depression so I feel like we can trust her advice. At this point we will continue to see how I do and she will monitor me post-partum to see if we need to make any changes.

Hypnobabies - I took a few weeks off! Oops! I'm back on track, but I was feeling really overwhelmed with the amount of time it was taking so I decided to give myself a break. It was good because now I'm more excited to get back into it and get ready to birth this baby! I would say that I really like the relaxation and positivity about birth that it preaches, my continuing complaint is the time commitment - I think it would be a really tough program to stick to if I were working.

Baby continues to plump up! I'm positive he is still head down, which makes this mama very happy! Things are getting tighter in there so the movements are much less grand. I have a few days each week were I have these really low crampy feelings - It seems to be my body readjusting, perhaps to a growth spurt or a change in babe's position. I didn't feel awesome for a few days last week and for a minute I worried that my time of comfort had run out, but luckily I was back on track to feeling good by Wednesday. If we go into labor anytime now we can deliver at the birth center! We are starting to get lots of guesses on when this baby is going to come - many say early! and I'm getting more and more guesses that it is a girl! SO SO CURIOUS about who this little one will be and what it will look like!

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