Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pre-Edrie: Labor Day


I've been meaning to get these pics up forever and I'm just going to post a slideshow of them all so I don't have to weed through them. One of you guys saw us this day, right? You should have said hello!!

Anyway, Labor Day in Oregon was hot - and Grant and I, in our usual style wanted to fit a lot in. We decided we first wanted to go downtown and walk Olive through Washington Park, something we loved to do when we lived down there. We walked all through the park and to the Rose Garden. I was enormously pregnant and got lots of looks and questions, but was totally comfortable and capable of walking that far. 
Then we wanted to spend the rest of the day in some water. For some reason, a cool river sounded dreamy in my giant state. We drove down along the Clackamas River and we were searching for a spot that wasn't too crowded. We asked a local who had riverfront property and he offered to let us just get in behind his house. We felt awkward, but took him up on it. I was right - it was totally dreamy. I just sat in the water on some rocks for three hours. We had a picnic lunch and Olive sat on a rock nearby. I loved those last few weekends I was pregnant - we were forced not to plan much in advance and neither of us could go out of town so we just spent the days together - all of which seemed to end up sunny and perfect!

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