Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Months

2 mo

The time just keeps on flying by and this kid keeps on GROWING! She has the thighs and cheeks to prove it, too! We are loving all the new smiles and coos she has been sharing with us. She makes this one noise that is so happy and cute - I have to munch her cheek every time she does it! We completely retired all of her newborn clothes two weeks ago and last week we abandoned her newborn diapers for the ones that will last until she is potty-trained. We tried a bottle at six weeks - total success, until every other time we tried and she just spits the bottle and milk out - total fail! I'll admit, its a kind of sweet that she only wants me, but what if I go back to work? We are gonna keep working on that one. She still hates the car and her car seat so we've been sticking a bit closer to home. She still loves the moby - preferring to be in there almost always, but when she is out she loves to kick her legs and look at lights. She also is really proud of herself when she pushes her legs up and you support her so she can 'stand' - she gets a big smile!

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