Friday, May 4, 2012

Grant's Birthday - Mar 24

I am not sure I've ever been this far behind on blogging. So so sad!! IMG_1169 

We started out the afternoon at Little Big Burger-so delicious!

IMG_1179 IMG_1183 

Then we walked to the waterfront to enjoy the sun. On the way we stopped in the parkblocks downtown so Edrie could try her hand at swings for the first time. She LOOOVED it! It was hilarious because she was barely moving because Grant and I were trying to get good pictures of her first swing ride! All the other parents were relating their stories of baby firsts. 


We spent the rest of the afternoon walking on the waterfront with Burton and enjoying an elephant ear from Saturday Market. After a short nap we met Grant's mom and Ellis for dinner. The whole day was nice and relaxing - Happy 31st Bubba!

  IMG_1661 IMG_1665 IMG_1673 IMG_1682

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