Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're Still Alive and a few March Randoms

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Oh Wow! It has been way too long since I've been able to post here. My goal was to get the blog updated before we left for San Diego and now we've already been back a week! The long and short of things is that life has been crazy - mostly a crappy crazy, but when its been good things have been SO good. For one, this kid of ours is the light of our life. For real. People don't lie when they say each phase is more fun than the last - she is SO FUN right now! We've been eating her up. And the only good thing about working full time, other than the blessing of having a job and the money is how it has allowed Grant and Edrie to bond so much more. She is quite the Daddy's girl these days. That being said, we are pretty sure 'Mama' is her first word! So Edrie and our tiny bits of family/friend time have been the good parts. Today was a crap day with yet another health curve ball thrown at us, but we are all fine and will be fine and we'll press on like we always do. I'm begging the powers that be to give us a break though! I'm hoping to get this blog caught up as we slow down for the next week to heal and refresh ourselves.


rach said...

LOVE the photo of miss e and olive sitting together, it's too too beautiful.

J J & j said...

Edrie you are getting so big! Jon and I are thinking about you all and missing you!