Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eight Months!


She is nine months in a few days so I need to get this up! Her transition from seven to eight months was so fun! Because I can't remember all the details...I'll just post the letter I wrote Edrie when she turned eight months. I'll need to be writing another in a few days! 

Baby Girl,

You are such a joy! Seriously, you have endlessly complicated and unsettled our life, but for all the ways you have made things harder there are ten ways you have made it better. Your Papa and I, we just are in utter awe of you ALL.THE.TIME! And its not just us - people on the Max, in the grocery store, and OH MAN all those grandparents you have wrapped around your tiny, chubby little finger!

You have lots of new tricks - you clapped for the first time the other day and it was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. You are able to pull yourself up to your knees from sitting and you want to crawl so bad, but you aren't quite there yet. You still love the Ergo and being held, but you are getting more independent. The weather has been so nice lately and you are happiest outside playing on a blanket. You've even started riding in the stroller happily. You still seem to prefer the Ergo, though. You are eating up a storm. Anything we eat - you get angry if we don't share. You love bread, eggs, milkshakes! (much to your papa's horror!), pasta, fruit, yogurt. You love bath time so much you can hardly wait for the water to get filled up before I put you in. Then you can entertain yourself in there for 10 minutes! You say 'Mamamama' sometimes. We thought you knew you were saying Mama, but I am still unsure. Its cute either way! You also give kisses. Its my favorite trick, but you are pretty stingy and only give them out sometimes. Its awesome though - they are always open mouthed and super slobbery! What else? You have a total of three teeth now and I bet your other top front tooth will be in very soon! You still adore Olive and kids - oh man! Bringing you to the park is so awesome because you love to swing and watch the kids run around you. You could be happy there all day. Oh, and you have started throwing tantrums. We haven't figured out the best reaction yet, but you are sure strong willed!

I hope you know how much we love you. Its so very overwhelming and amazing. I could just cuddle you forever.

xoxo, mama


I love all these pictures!