Saturday, January 5, 2013

October Randoms (october 2012)

 let's see. what do we have here...

edrie fell in love with her kitchen helper in october. spending much of her time in it while I cook and prep food. she also LOOVES to play in the sink. its so messy, but it usually gives me 20 uninterrupted minutes, which is glorious.

we also found out she is a bit anemic so we started giving her smoothies with lots of spinach....she LOVES them.

while i finished her owl hat I tried to have her entertain herself by 'painting' with water. it didn't last long but was super cute.

october was also the month we got a dishwasher. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Seriously, changed my life. Shortly after we installed this one we replaced it with a new one. AND GOT A NEW STOVE! really cool. 

october weather was amazing so we enjoyed lots of meals outside on our new patio.

everything else is just random and awesome everyday life instagram (breathedeeply) pictures. LOVE instagram for that reason...helps me remember to take the pics of the little things.

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