Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feb 2013: Randoms

jan/feb 2013

in real life i can never see her this clearly when she is awake... she is ALWAYS in motion. Such a sweet squishy girl. 

jan/feb 2013

She LOOVES that man. Seriously, I'm starting to see a serious shift to becoming a true daddy's girl. "papa? papa?" all day long - she freaks when he gets home. Her and olive also love them some popcorn so this was a particularly good day. 

jan/feb 2013

makin' cookies

jan/feb 2013

Grant sent me this one morning when I was just getting off working night shift. I LOVE it. This is totally her in the morning. Crazy hair is my favorite. 

Jan/Feb 2013

This is no longer a viable nap option and I am not advocating that anyone else do this, but desperate times call for desperate measures... I would drive her around til she fell asleep then use faectime with my phone and laptop to watch her while I did ANYTHING I wanted in the house. It was blissful and amazing - I could be loud and she'd sleep for a really long time. Then she figured me out and currently goes ballistic if we are in the car longer than 15 minutes. lovely. 

one of my favorite videos ever. 


can you say...


this is a slideshow of the rest of the photos/videos from February. 


cb said...

Oh my gosh, her vocab is AMAZING!!! I'm so impressed. Little smartie. :)

jenni said...

love that hat fabric!