Wednesday, April 16, 2014

July 2013: Garden

Maybe its not kosher to say, but I LOOOOVE our backyard. I guess because we designed it, it just has everything we need. I loved watching the garden boxes go from little plants to unruly beds of green and veggies. The figure 8 in the middle (on the left in this picture) is also a favorite. It gets a ton of sun and I have planted lots of perennials in there that I just love.


Dahlias are a favorite. They remind me of twins I nannied for when I was in high school in college. They were our flowergirl and ring bearer and when they were just babies my mom and I took them to the Dahlia festival. I fell in love with them that day. Plus I just love bulbs and plants that are low maintenance but beautiful!


Our carrots were short and fat with a few curved ends....I forgot that we have a lot of rock in the bottom of those beds. No root veggies for us! 


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