Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy but Good...

Its been a crazy couple of weeks! I have been out of town the past few weekends for Janelle's bridal showers and Grant has been living up the single life. Last weekend he had Matt & Joel in from Seattle and they got a keg...I dont want to know what else occurred! This weekend he took a lot of stress off me by cleaning the house from top to bottom! We've had fun the past few weekends, but we are looking forward to being able to spend the next few weekends together. We are excited because Jon and Jess return in a few days for graduation and will be here through the weekend...we hope the weather is nice so we can play outside!! After that we head to Washougal for a long weekend! It will be nice to be out of town and by the river for the first time this summer!

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Lindsey said...

Love you and have a great week!