Sunday, June 17, 2007

Graduation Weekend!!!

We had another awesome weekend with Jon and Jess! We will miss them so much but the good thing is that we will be visiting them on their turf in only 1 more month!!

Friday night we watched Jenni, Jess, and Britta graduate with their PhDs! So huge and exciting. The ceremony was in a different place this time, but it was still really nice. Jess gave a speech which was awesome!

After graduation Stephanie and David hosted a BBQ and we had a blast...what could be better than food, friends, and beer?! The only weird thing was I got a really bad asthma attack and could hardly breathe all night...I didnt let it stop me though! The rest of the night is a little fuzzy, but I know that we fit 7 people in Donna's Altima and did a little dancing and double fisting at indigo! I hadn't been out in so long and it was a blast!

Saturday was a quintessential Eugene day...we went to Saturday Market, took a nap at home, walked to Coldstone, ate at the BEST thai restaurant and saw a movie at the Bijou!

This morning we had tom and Donna over for a breakfast before Jon and Jess had to leave! I can't believe how fast this weekend went by! Our road trip is coming up so we get to see them soon!!

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