Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wedding VENUE!!

We think we've found the place we are going to get married!! We are really excited because it is in Bend and it is SO inexpensive! They don't release Sept 2008 dates until Sept 4th of this year so Grant is going to camp out the night before so we can get the date we want...Sept 13th, 2008. We drove to Bend yesterday on a whim to go check it out here are some pictures to give you an idea of the place...

This is the entrance of Aspen Hall where the reception will be held. To the right is a small pond.

This is the main room of the hall. To the right there are several doors that open onto a stone patio.

Here is the patio where we think we will have dancing...

The patio overlooks a small pond which has a path that allows you to walk all the way around it.

This is the grassy area we would have the ceremony overlooking the pond.


Jessica said...

I love it!!
I get excited every time you talk about it. We can't wait!

the mccords said...

That place is Beautiful! that is where Sarah and Jay Williams got married, it is perfect. Congrats on the JOB!!!