Monday, August 13, 2007

What's New...

Its been a crazy few weeks! We've barely had any time together, but we've had lots of fun! Grant spend the last week in Costa Rica...relaxing and having adventures with Matt and Joel. I spent the week catching up around the house and school AND getting a new job!!! I will start working as a research assistant at Oregon Research Institute on September 4th. The pay is good and the benefits are amazing and I will be working just across the street from UO so G and I can still carpool or ride the bus together. Such a huge relief to know where the next pay check is coming from.

This past weekend I went with my mom, tim, and Lindsey to Odell Lake and just relaxed in the sun. Then last night we celebrated Grant's dad's bday at his parents house. Its been a whirlwind and lots of fun, but we are excited to have some time alone together this week!

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