Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wedding Fabric!!!

I found it!! I saw a fabric in a wedding magazine that I loved and was perfect to use as a 'theme' for our wedding MONTHS ago. I've been in search ever since...and a few weeks ago I actually found it! I was just searching endlessly online one night and I saw it... I couldnt believe it!! YAY!! Anyway... the next task was to find a way to get it...I called every fabric store in Eugene and one of them agreed to order it for me!

I'm soo mom bought me a whole bolt (18 yards) and I ordered it on should be here in a few weeks. We will use it for things like table runners, the guys pocket hankies, ring pillow, to wrap bouquet handles, etc. Its just perfect...poppys are my FAVORITE flower and it has all three of my colors!! OH and...we want to have guests sign a quilt square instead of a guest book and then after the wedding I'll sew them all together to make a quilt...this and some solid fabric will make up the rest of the quilt!


the mccords said...

so clever you are and pretty fabric!

Leslie Gutwig said...

You are so stinkin' crafty, makes me feel bad about myself :(

Hope you are doing well! Tell Grant hi from Lucas and I!