Monday, February 11, 2008


i'm very post happy right now...this doesn't happen often so i gotta go with it while i got it (usually i read everyone else's blog)

anyhoo... i'm incredibly excited about these shoes i just bought so i thought i could share them.

do you love them???

i do... and they are going to be my wedding shoes... i think. i know i give everything away on this blog, but there will be some surprises i promise! you haven't seen my dress, right?? i love love love them and the fact that they aren't white is awesome, cuz they are very 'me' and very my dress. AND they have a wedge so i won't sink into the grass. the reason i am thinking of them so much is that i know they are sitting in the human physiology office at uo as we speak... i so can't wait to see how they look! bad news is that i won't get the shoes til tomorrow and my dress is at mom's house i I will just dream of how they look together...

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